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L’Acadiane Equine Management is an all-inclusive equine training facility located in Plainville, Massachusetts. Founded by husband and wife team Vincent Bailleul and Katie Robicheaux, we are dedicated to the success of both horse and rider at all levels. Whether you are a competitive dressage rider or show jumper, we will customize a program to fit all of your needs.

Dressage Training

We use dressage to evolve and showcase the natural talent of the horse. Katie welcomes horses of all levels into her program and encourages riders to take lessons to increase their body control and awareness.

Show Jumper Training

Vincent develops jumping horses using a program that emphasizes cross-training to develop accuracy and responsiveness. From young horses to Grand Prix, Vincent can help your horse reach his potential.

Coaching & Lessons

We specialize in working with dedicated riders who really want to feel how their body affects the horse; who want to feel more confident, more in control, and more connected to their horse.


We have a select number of stalls available for boarding. We prioritize exceptional care for all horses and offer amenities for any type of rider.

LAEM Dressage Training
LAEM Show Jumper Training
LAEM Coaching Team
LAEM Horse Boarding

Our Approach

Vincent and Katie agreed early on that a well-rounded training program includes a focus on cross training. Spending time on flatwork, in the field, and over cavaletti give the horses strength and balance in their work, and build riders’ confidence.

On any given day at LAEM, you’ll find a full schedule of dressage and jumper lessons in the two arenas, with both Katie and Vincent sharing time with students as needed. Their tailored approach to both horse and rider creates a true partnership between equine and human athlete. The result is success in the show ring for students of both disciplines.

You can find Katie, Vincent and the LAEM team at shows across the Northeast this summer. Come December, Katie and the dressage team head to Wellington to take advantage of the weather and competition calendar.

L'Acadiane Equine Management Horse Rider

What Our Clients Say

"Katie is a dedicated, compassionate, and highly educated trainer. She works tirelessly on behalf of her clients and their horses to help them achieve their best selves. Training with her has elevated my own skills and those of my horse to a degree that I didn’t think was possible. You could not choose a better trainer or boarding facility!"

"Katie’s approach to training is clever, curious, confident and correct. She simply sets both horses and riders up for success!"

LAEM Horse Rider
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108 Hawkins St.
Plainville, MA 02762

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