Horse Care

Horse Care

L’Acadiane Equine Management provides exceptional horse care fit for a champion.

Health and Nutrition
Our team spends individual time with every horse, observing and understanding their unique natures. Feeding takes place three or four times per day depending on our observational assessments. Hay is never at loss; the first flakes are thrown before 6 am and the last at night check after 8. We work closely with a Cargill nutritionist to ensure that the horses receive a complete and healthy diet, including Hallway Feeds products. Dr. Fred Nostrant of North Bridge Equine Associates visits the farm weekly as well, so that our clients have full peace of mind that their horses’ care and complete wellbeing is of our utmost importance.

Daily Grooming
We believe that the quality of daily grooming indicates the level of overall horse care at a farm. Whether you’ll be there to ride, or your horse is being lunged on a given day, our grooms take the utmost pride in the turnout of all L’Acadiane Equine horses, providing thorough grooming. Vincent’s background as head of an FEI-level barn means that your horse receives daily care that meets or exceeds industry standards. The LAEM team has the experience and qualifications to deliver top-notch horse care, so that your horse is fit to show in every way, every day of the week.

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Competition Training

Our all-inclusive, competition training program will prepare you and your horse for success.


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