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Competition Training

Setting you up for success with LAEM’s all-inclusive horse show training and management program.

Going to horse shows with LAEM is an all-inclusive experience. We provide you with everything you need to compete at your very best. Our staff will arrange all the details for you and your horse so you can focus on the show. At LAEM we provide you with the team you need to be successful, offering a supportive atmosphere, a feasible path to reach your goals, and a philosophy of encouragement. Katie and Vincent will help you expand your comfort zone to achieve top results at some of the most highly rated horse shows on the East Coast. Horse shows are a celebration of the training and work put in at home, and we make sure you’re prepared, relaxed, and able to fully enjoy the competitive atmosphere that makes horse shows special.

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Competition Training

Our all-inclusive, competition training program will prepare you and your horse for success.


Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned competitor,
we can help you achieve your goals.